1. Scope and data controller

This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected through the website

The entity responsible for processing this data is:  Santos Camiseiros, Lda., registration number PT502 940 930, at Rua do Comércio, 488, 4505-473 Lobão, and a registered capital of EUR 124,699.47.

The user must carefully read this privacy policy and freely decide, whether or not, he wants to provide personal data to Santos Camiseiros before using the website.   The user must be 18 years of age or older and the provided data communicated to Santos Camiseiros is true, accurate, complete and actual, being responsible for non-compliance.  In the event the communicated data is from a third-party; a person or entity, the user must be assured to inform the third party about the conditions set out in this Private Policy.   Also, the user must be sure he/her had gotten permission from third-party to provide data to  Santos Camiseiros for the indicated purposes.

Please contact Santos Camiseiros, Lda., about any issues related to this Privacy Policy.

Contacts are:

  • T: (+351) 256 915 777
  • Letter to: Santos Camiseiros, Lda., Rua do Comércio, 488, 4505-503 Lobão.

2. Purposes of processing and legal basis

Data gathered throughout our website is intended to allow user to Reserved Area, by user’s request.

  • Access to Reserved Area.

The data collected in this area is necessary to be able to access the Reserved Area.


The user’s personal data may be communicated to a Web Service Provider contracted by Santos Camiseiros, who will process the data exclusively for the purposes established by Santos Camiseiros, which are in compliance with the instructions issued by Santos Camiseiros.   The Data collected is strictly secure and it in compliance with the Law; legal rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act/Law of the EU.   Santos Camiseiros states that, the provided information, data security, as well as other applicable rules and regulations are in accordance with an agreement celebrated between the parties.

4. International data transfers

Santos Camiseiros will process user’s data in full within the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA), and therefore does not intend to carry out any international (outside of EEA) data transfer.

 5. Storage period

Santos Camiseiros will keep the user’s personal data for the period of time necessary to carry out the purposes for which they were collected.   If there is a contract between Santos Camiseiros and the user setting a time frame to store data, added by grace-periods; if it was pre-stablished, except the rights arising therefrom, Santos Camiseiros will release the data, unless it is required to keep it for longer period of time by law.

Santos Camiseiros may also keep the data beyond these periods for statistical purposes, and for this purpose anonymize them.

6. Users’ rights

The user has the right to request from Santos Camiseiros his access to personal data concerning user’s, as well as their rectification or payment, and the limitation of the processing with respect to the user, or the right to owe the processing, as well as the right to the portability of the data, in accordance with the laws governing the processing of personal data.

Deletion of data that is necessary to comply with legal obligations won’t be possible to be released.

The user may contact at any time the data controller indicated in paragraph 1 of this policy. The user has the right to complaint with the National Data Protection Commission if you believe that your rights over your personal data have been infringed.

For any questions related to this Privacy Policy, you may also contact the data protection officer (DPO) of Santos Camiseiros, Lda., whose email address is