Our production system allows us to produce a diversified combination of models vs. different fabrics in small quantities. We produce a single piece. Our employees have been offered continuous training, both in the technical and technological fields and in an organizational context.

For certain services, such as washing, we are partners with companies that guarantee the desired final quality, thus avoiding fixed fees, which would increase our overall costs.

These past few years we have been using a computer system that integrates the different stages of the process, ensuring detailed information on the status of each order as well as an analysis of the costs.

We are open to new ideas, trends and developments, both from our Clients and the Textile and Clothing industry.

To each Client its models and styles.

  • Shirt for men, women and children
    • Standard
    • Custom fit
    • Personalized
  • Boxer shorts
  • Pyjamas
  • Inventoried storage of materials;
  • Store to store distribution of grouped orders;
  • Monitoring of Customs services;
  • Research and purchase of materials (Customized fabrics and accessories);
  • Product development:
    • Structuring of collections
    • Modelling (Scanning, graduation and printing)
    • Production of prototypes and samples
  • Production:
    • Cutting / Production / Finishing and Packaging
  • Other:
    • Washing
    • Embroidery
    • Printing