Santos Camiseiros, Lda. is not a business “of occasion” but a sustainable company, family owned but managed in a professional manner, with clearly defined and public objectives:

  • To be a company of reference in the quality of the products and services it provides;
  • To manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the market, knowing and satisfying the expectations of its Clients in a timely manner;
  • To continuously improve the quality of the processes and products using materials and techniques from the true hand made shirts industry;
  • To improve the training of employees, developing individual and team skills in step with the evolution of the market;
  • To optimize the technical and financial resources;
  • To look for partnership to create lasting and continuing relationships.

Santos Camiseiros, Lda. assumes the challenge of maintaining a clear strategic plan, with welldefined objectives and rigour of implementation, to promote a continuous growth and to solidify its position in the competitive market where it performs its activity. The company’s ultimate goal is always to achieve a full satisfaction of its Clients, Employees and Community.

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