The word “community” comes from the Latin “communitas”, which can define various types of groups.

We can define it as a group of entities that interact by sharing resources and objectives, values and legacies with the purpose of achieving a common goal.

Santos Camiseiros, as part of the community and observing the several and broad “meanings”, such as social, ecological, work, commercial, among many others, that communities may have, seeks with a reciprocity of actions within its surroundings, the common good.


Public Entities

Ecology and Environment

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Education and Training

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Our production system allows us to produce a diversified combination of models vs. different fabrics in small quantities. We produce a single piece. Our employees have been offered continuous training, both in the technical and technological fields and in an organizational context.

For certain services, such as washing, we are partners with companies that guarantee the desired final quality, thus avoiding fixed fees, which would increase our overall costs.

These past few years we have been using a computer system that integrates the different stages of the process, ensuring detailed information on the status of each order as well as an analysis of the costs.

We are open to new ideas, trends and developments, both from our Clients and the Textile and Clothing industry.

To each Client its models and styles.

  • Shirt for men, women and children
    • Standard
    • Custom fit
    • Personalized
  • Boxer shorts
  • Pyjamas
  • Inventoried storage of materials;
  • Store to store distribution of grouped orders;
  • Monitoring of Customs services;
  • Research and purchase of materials (Customized fabrics and accessories);
  • Product development:
    • Structuring of collections
    • Modelling (Scanning, graduation and printing)
    • Production of prototypes and samples
  • Production:
    • Cutting / Production / Finishing and Packaging
  • Other:
    • Washing
    • Embroidery
    • Printing

Management Commitment

Santos Camiseiros, Lda. is not a business “of occasion” but a sustainable company, family owned but managed in a professional manner, with clearly defined and public objectives:

  • To be a company of reference in the quality of the products and services it provides;
  • To manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the market, knowing and satisfying the expectations of its Clients in a timely manner;
  • To continuously improve the quality of the processes and products using materials and techniques from the true hand made shirts industry;
  • To improve the training of employees, developing individual and team skills in step with the evolution of the market;
  • To optimize the technical and financial resources;
  • To look for partnership to create lasting and continuing relationships.

Santos Camiseiros, Lda. assumes the challenge of maintaining a clear strategic plan, with welldefined objectives and rigour of implementation, to promote a continuous growth and to solidify its position in the competitive market where it performs its activity. The company’s ultimate goal is always to achieve a full satisfaction of its Clients, Employees and Community.


Santos Camiseiros, Lda. was founded in 1992 but had its origin in the decades of knowledge and vision of its founder and in a company in his own name that started its commercial activity in 1987 and with a production unit running since 1988.

Even though it is a family owned company, still keeping traditional basic principles, such as humility, humanism and honour, it has a progressive and dynamic philosophy.

Its activity is the production of shirts for men, women and children, following the highest quality standards.

The company’s initials are the key to its policies:

  • Satisfaction of its Clients
  • Satisfaction of its Collaborators
  • Sustainable Change and Growth

Santos Camiseiros, Lda. preserves its future by valuing the Client and its own Heritage.

It sees the dynamics of change as an ongoing and irreversible process for improvement.

With imagination, perseverance and the ability to achieve its goals, it seeks each day to become STRONGER and more SOLID to overcome all obstacles, always on the path on the COMMON WELLBEING.